1968 – AUTEC I and II Submersibles – General Dynamics (American)


1968 – AUTEC I and II Submersibles by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics. Designated TURTLE and SEA CLIFF by the U.S. Navy.


Press Release – 1968 – Escape Capsule
GROTON, CONN.:  This artist's concept of an AUTEC Research Submarine shows the use of tools selected from an external tool compartment. In an emergency the crew can seperate the front section of the craft and float to ther surface. Two identical submarines, to be named AUTEC I and AUTEC II, are nearing completion for the US Navy at the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics. They will be able to carry 3-man crews.

See 6:52 into clip.


Source: Manned Submersibles, Bushby.





Navy to get two new subs – 1968

AUTEC I and AUTEC II, two new deep submersibles being completed for the Navy by the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics, are similar in design to Alvin, except that they will be a little longer (25 feet), capable of a somewhat greater depth (6500 feet), they will have 2 mechanical arms instead of one, and a transparent plexiglass nose.



Each submersible is equipped with two identical manipulators. Each manipulator can be equipped with tools to perform varied tasks such as drilling, cable cutting, and grasping of objects. These tools are stored in racks on the submersible and can be interchanged during a mission. Each manipulator is capable of seven degrees of freedom.
Each arm can reach 7 feet 1 1/2 inch, can lift 100 lb., and is electro-hydraulic and can be manually jettisoned. They are manufactured by General Dynamics. Source: Manned Submersibles, Bushby.


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