1965 – Telenaute ROV – (French)


The Telenaute Remote Operated Vehicle.


Manipulator arm of the Telenaute.


Movietone Newsreel Clip – hereTelenaute preparing for an underwater cave exploration.

A commercial French company, the Compagnie Generale pour le Developpement Operationel des Recherches Sousmarines, own a similar craft [to CURV] known as the Telenaute. This is capable of movement in any direction at depths up to about 1,000 m. The arm fitted to the Telenaute can handle a load of 50kg at a distance of 1.1 m. The Telenaute has a very open structure, since there is no need for an unmanned device to have a large and pressurised body. Source: Robotics – John Frederick Young – 1973.

The French Petroleum Institute (IFP -l’Institut Français de Recherches Pétrolières) built the "TELENAUTE", which is available for chartering. The "Telenaute" is a cable controlled, self propelled vehicle monitored from a control vessel on the surface. It is used for underwater search, making observations, filming and performing simple underwater operations.

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