1965 – Diving Suit – Henry Martinez and Charles Opalek (American)


1965 – Diving Suit – Henry Martinez and Charles Opalek

Publication number    US3329967 A
Publication type    Grant
Publication date    Jul 11, 1967
Filing date    Mar 31, 1965
Priority date    Mar 31, 1965
Inventors    Martinez Henry J, Opalek Charles S
Original Assignee    Martinez Henry J, Opalek Charles S

The invention relates to diving apparatus or dress of utility especially for deep-sea diving, and relates more particularly to a novel flexible joint structure for use in such diving apparatus or dress, to give to the wearer not only complete security against pressure and leakage under extreme environmental conditions of deep-sea diving but also to ensure a high degree of mobility to the wearer by enabling the structure to change its very shape freely under all conditions and adapt itself to various configurations resulting from arm, leg, or torso movements of the wearer.




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