1964 – Asherah Submersible – General Dynamics (American)


Photo source: Manned Submersibles, Bushby.

1964 – Asherah Submersible by General Dynamics.

Manipulator Arm: One electro-hydraulic. Made by General Dynamics.

Asherah, the first commercially built American research submersible, was a two-man submarine built by General Dynamics, Groton, Connecticut, USA, and could dive to a depth of 600 feet (180 m). Commissioned in 1963 and launched in 1964, it was used to develop a new system of stereoscopy, and allowed archaeologist George F. Bass to become the first to use side-scanning sonar to locate a shipwreck.
It was named after Asherah, an ancient Semitic goddess known as "she who treads on the sea".

Asherah evolved and was replaced by the STAR II and STAR III submersibles.

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