1919 – Deep-sea Salvage Apparatus – Alfred E. Lemon (American)


1919 – Deep-sea Salvage Apparatus by Alfred E. Lemon.

Deep-sea salvage apparatus

Publication number    US1415661 A
Publication type    Grant
Publication date    May 9, 1922
Filing date    Dec 30, 1919
Priority date    Dec 30, 1919
Inventors    Lemon Alfred E
Original Assignee    Lemon Alfred E

The object of the invention is to provide a new and improved deep-sea salvage apparatus, more especially designed for doing salvage and similar work on sunken vessels or other parts located at great depth.

Another object is to permit of maintaining a practically normal air pressure within the apparatus irrespective of the depth it is in at the time, thus enabling the occupant or occupants to work without danger of being subjected to high air pressures so detrimental to health.

Another object is to permit of lowering the apparatus to the desired depth from a mother ship or raising it to the surface with out loss of valuable time.

Another object is to enable the occupant to fasten grappling or similar devices to a sunken vessel or other object with a view to raise the same or perform other desired work.

Another object is to permit of running the apparatus along the sea bottom for locating a sunken vessel or for exploration or other purposes.

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