1916 – Machine for Submarine Salvage Operations – Alexander J. Bergeron (American)


1916 – Machine for Submarine Salvage Operations by Alexander J. Bergeron

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Publication number    US1304012 A
Publication type    Grant
Publication date    May 20, 1919
Filing date    May 11, 1916
Inventors    Alexander J. Bergeron

The object of my invention is to provide a machine for sub-marine salvage operations, adapted at all times to be connected with boats or the like on the surface of the water, and to carry one or more operators below the water…….
A further object is to provide such a device having means outside the shell controllable from within for illuminating any part of the water around the shell.

A further object is to provide in such a machine, a plurality of tools operatively connected with the shell, controllable from within the shell, and adapted to be moved to a variety of positions and to perform a variety of operations, such as striking, pulling, pushing, gripping and so on.

A further object is to provide means, controllable from within the shell, for supplying power to and operating said tools for working them, said means including a cylinder and pistons therein, exposed to the water pressure on one side, a pair of pumps, means for alternately operatively connecting said pumps with said cylinder on the other side of said piston for alternately subjecting said piston to greater pressure and less pressure than the water pressure………..

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