1906 – Diving Armour – Friedrich Gall (German)


1906 –  Diving Armour by- Friedrich Gall

Invention name: Aus einem Panzer bestehende Taucherrüstung, deren Glieder durch wasserdicht abschliessende Kugelgelenke miteinander verbunden sind. [Google translation- From an existing tank armor diver whose members are connected by waterproof final ball joints.]

Publication number    DE193397 C
Publication date    Dec 19, 1907
Filing date    Feb 13, 1906
Inventor    Friedrich Gall, of Langenburg, Württ, Germany

Gall was later to move to Kiel in Germany, which had a long shipbuilding and naval tradition and is a gateway to the Baltic Sea.  He was then employed by Neufeldt and Kuhnke, who were constructing various diving armours over the next 30 years or so, using some of his patented inventions.

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