1965 onwards – Miscellaneous Lunar and Off World Walker Concepts


4-Legged robot space explorer.


Robot Rescuing an Astronaut on the Lunar Surface. Robot reminiscent of Odex-1.


Legged robot turning a valve.


Model Lunar walker from the French children's book "Permieres Vacances Sur La Lune" [“First Vacation on the Moon”], Marc Heimer – 1967.


Above: Prediction of life on the moon c1965. Illustration from the book Station "Moon" (Stantsiia "Luna") (1965) .


Above: Later prediction of life on the moon c1974

For large images of the above two Russian illustrations, see here.

Off World Walker illustrations


A. Leonov, A. Sokolov  c1965
"Automatic rover on Titan , Saturn's moon ". A novel rolling-wheel propulsion whereby the trailing wheel segment pushes down rolling the rover forwards, then retracts and the next segment repeats the action. There are stabilizing skis on the vehicle.

Leonov-Sokolov-Pluto-67 (2)

A giant walking capsule or  rover on Pluto. Illustration by A. Leonov and A. Sokolov – "Pluto". PREPARATION PRECAUTIONS from  a postcard "Wait for us , the stars" , 1967 (Soviet).


Off-world walker. From Soviet magazine dated 1969. Most likely illustrated by A. Leonov and A. Sokolov

Marsohod concept – 1976

Marsohod-x640 sokolov_mars_cherez_peschanuju_reku-x640

Above illustration painted by A. Sokolov.


Source: here.

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