1983 – ODEX-1 Functionoid Walking Robot – Stephen J. Bartholet (American)

ODEX I is a tele-operated walking machine. Initially developed by Steve Bartholet. Pic shows wooden mock-up. (pic from SERVO June 2004 article here.)

see Popular Science Sep 1984 pdf here.

see Robotics Age Sep-Oct 1983 pdf here.

See ODEX-1 patents here:



There was an ODEX II and and ODEX III. ODEX I is now in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. 

Note: Steve Bartholet passed away from brain cancer in 1999.

ODEX hiding with his mates in the now defunct Bostom Computer Museum.

An ex-employee, Eric Rabinowitz has a Picasa web album showing all three versions, plus more from Odetics. see here for all his pics. Some reproduced below.

Above-Legs for ODEX III (as modified and renamed to SHERPA by the French Energy Commission) .

Above-ODEX II with extendable arm as developed for Savannah  River Nuclear Labs.

Eric Rabinowitz  with ODEX I.

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2 Responses to “1983 – ODEX-1 Functionoid Walking Robot – Stephen J. Bartholet (American)”

  1. Mark Hancock Says:

    I just moved and have been looking through some old papers and I found a 8-1/2×11 color bifold specification flyer for the ODEX-1 from 1983. I have no idea where I got it from. Are you interested in it?

  2. Bill Gaskill Says:

    I'm now almost 53 years old and I've been working at Boeing/Douglas for the last 27 years but I was the kid, back in the day, that got to layout the PC boards for this cool project at GYYR in Anaheim. Soom of us remember building the "ON" boxes from the new tunners we would discard when we slowed the time lapse motors on all those VCR's we used……… Great work foundation and fantastic leadership at Odetics