Miscellaneous and Unknown Robots

This page displays images of robots that I know little of or nothing about. It will be updated as I discover more material. If you can identify the robot or you have further information about it, please contact me on cyberne1 at cyberneticzoo dot com .

Miscellaneous and Unknown Robots

(newest images added at the top of each section)


Violin playing robot. Origin: Unknown. Date: Unknown. Name/s: Unknown.


Series of Robot photos: Origin: Unknown. Date: Unknown. Name/s: Unknown.





Scout-O-Rama in the Coliseum. 1955

Robbie the Robot with his master Simon Henri; 25; keep children amused in the toyland at The Bay on

CANADA – DECEMBER 14 [year unknown]:  Robbie the Robot with his master Simon Henri; 25; keep children amused in the toyland at The Bay on Bloor St. [Incomplete]   (Photo by Erin Combs/Toronto Star via Getty Images)


SeeZak produced Electronic instruments inc. Geiger counter; breadboarding and chassis components in the 1950's and 1960's. Robot is to greet conferees on missile work in 1957.

A Little Robot Called 'Miki' 

Miki the Robot?


Spanish Freddie the Robot?

Science Fiction Movie Scene At The Hyde Park In London On July 1979

Sci Fi filming in Hyde Park, London 1979. What's the movie? Michel Van (Jan 2016) informs me that its from the  Disney movie "Unidentified Flying Oddball" a.k.a. "The Spaceman and King Arthur" a.k.a. "A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court". The movie was shot in England Michel has no idea why a Cylon is driving the Rover. Thanks Michel.

Unknown robot being sold on ebay some time back.

1971 Robby Robot – Bernard Holling

Robot in Paris Salon 17 Oct 1960. Advertising FACIT typewriters?

Carletto – Unknown Italian robot 50's or 60's.

Community Chest Robot – 1951

Glass Robot 1939

Robot teaches children French 1965.

Unknown robot, Nice, France 1949.

Herbie Robot 1973

Indian Robot – probably 21st Century.

Unknown Russian / Soviet Robot

Unknown robot.

zum7 - Copy-x640

Unknown- possibly Simon? Drawing by Thomas Zummer.



Unknown Robot Skiier

Pseudo-Robots and Movie Robots

Stanley Lawrence with Robot, Seattle 1960.

"Andy" from the TV series 'Quark'  [Thanks Ed Peters] aired from 1977-78 [Thanks Stuart].

Unknown Movie robots (Japanese looking?)

Ray Mercer built this prop for a 1935c movie. Which movie?

Old Robot Posters

Comic – 1935

Early Robot Sculpture

Mechanical Hen 1920c

Tin Man with speaker

See known early Humanoid Robots here.

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3 Responses to “Miscellaneous and Unknown Robots”

  1. Ed Peters Says:

    The robot in the color photo of the silver box-like robot with the clear acrylic box shaped head standing in front of the red backdrop is 'Andy' from the 1960's TV show 'Quark'.

  2. cyberne1 Says:

    Thanks Ed.

    Reuben – cyberneticzoo.com

  3. Stuart Says:

    Just wanted to make a correction regarding the Series Quark. It was aired from 1977-78.