1937 – “Machine-Man”, the Budapest Robot – László Zelenka and Sándor Bortnyik (Hungarian)

The Budapest Robot at the International Fair 1937.

Above image source: Robots: Facts, Fiction and Prediction.



I haven't been able to find any relevant text to this robot, but it appears to be able to detect an audience (via photo-electric cells in its eyes?), stand using motors in the base guided by the geometry of the arms holding onto a rigid post, delivers a recorded message via its loudspeaker mouth, then returns to a seated position when finished.




Image source: here.
The Budapest Robot – A Gépember. [The Man Machine.]

The “man machine” was  built by László Zelenka (1902-1960; electrical and radio engineer) the “Hungarian Edison” and it’s futuristic body was designed by Sándor Bortnyik (1893–1976), the Hungarian avant-garde artist.


A painting by Sándor Bortnyik.

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