Early Maze Solving Machines

This page contains a timeline showing early and significant Maze Solving machines. The dates being the creation or announcement date of these machines.

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1933- Thomas Ross -Learning machine    
1935- Smith / Ross – Rat   
1937- Bradner Maze Runner
1950-Claude A. Shannon Maze-solver   
1950-  J.J. Coupling (John Pierce)      
1950-1 Ian P. Howard – Maze Solver           
1951- "SNARC" – Marvin Minsky / Dean Edmonds              
1952- Claude A. Shannon Maze "Theseus"
1952- R.A. Wallace Maze-solver     
1953- Sutherland bros. / Berkeley – "Franken" – the mouse         
1954- J.A. Deutsch Maze-solver
1955-57- Gavrilova (Russian) Maze Solver    
1955- Harry Rudloe Electronic Mouse
1957- Zemanek / Eier Labyrinth & Maus
1957- Merritt  "Gizzmo" Maze Solving Computer         
1962- MELPAR Bionic Maze
1962- Curran Mechanical Maze with Memory           
1963- Cautela & Mikaelian – Cybernetic Machine    
c1966- Meredith Thring's "Mechanical Rat"     
1970-3 – Johan de Boer – Maze Computer
1971 – Browne Maze Solver
Microprocessor Era
End of List