Meccano Walking Rickshaws – Andreas Konkoly (Hungarian) and 2005 Phil Edwards (American)

Andreas Konkoly, a renowned Meccanoman, built many walking machines and robots in his lifetime.  This reproduction, by S. Tokarski shows the Magic Motor (clockwork spring) power drive. For weight distribution and size, the drive is mounted in the rickshaw, and a driveshaft extends forward to the walking mechanism in the "Coolie".  The walking motion is rather simplistic, not an imitation of a real leg walking.

I don't have a publication date for this model, although a version was publshed in the Runnymede Meccano Guild Newsletter 2006/61/27.  Andreas Konkoly passed away in June 2003.

Any further information most welcomed.

Philip Edward'sd Rickshaw Man. 

Detail image.

Realistic motion of the walking legs.

Phil Edwards constructed Rickshaw Man using Meccano and Exacto components. This model was conceived after seeing a video on the Internet of Bob Schneeveis' life size mechanical walking man pulling a chariot.

Phil used a linkage CAD program called Roberts Animator to design the linkage for a leg.

The model is driven by a pair of MW Models 12V geared motors, one for operating the legs and the other for controlling the rotation of the lower torso, and hence the direction of which the model walks. The model is powered from 10 'A' sized NiCAD rechargeable batteries in and beneath the Rickshaw's seat. The radio control system seen in these photos has been replaced with a microprocessor based  'Bluetooth' microwave link to get around radio interference problems.

Click here for Phil's original article including video clips and further images of his superb Rickshaw Man.

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  1. Rob Thompson Says:

    The reproduction at the top of the page was built by S.Tokarski not Tolarski Regards Rob

  2. cyberne1 Says:

    Thanks Rob, now updated.