480 BC – Wooden Horse Carriage – Lu Ban (Chinese)

Early Chinese Mechanical Horse / Ox

The wooden ox (木牛流馬,lit. wooden ox flowing horse) was created by Zhuge Liang while he served Shu-Han. It was a thought to be either a mechanical, walking replica of an ox whose main purpose was to carry supplies such as grain to an army that was running low on supplies. (from Wikipedia)

See also book "Reconstruction designs of lost ancient Chinese machinery" By Hong-Sen Yan (search google books)

Wooden Horse Carriage – Lu Ban 480 BC
Lu Pan's "Wooden Horse Carriage"

Models: see – link now broken.

models by : Wang-Chien Type Wooden Horse Carriage

Chiu-Chengping Type Wooden Horse Carriage


Kwang-Kai Type Wooden Horse Carriage(below)


Shen-Huanwen Type Wooden Horse Carriage(below)

Chen-Paihung (4-Link) Type Wooden Horse Carriage(below)


Chen-Paihung (6-Link) Type Wooden Horse Carriage(below)

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  1. vijay shimpi Says:

    dear sir . 4..5 months back I was waching National Geaographic channel where one man was walking with mechanical walker which was mainly made of steel tubes and springs as he was walking the structure was also moving further with sprint action . he was standing on the structure & his hands were also engaged in the moving process. since I saw this for 30 …40 seconds so I could not understand the mechanism , could you please email me the structral design if you have , I am hobbiest from India.Please . thank you.