230 AD – Wooden Ox / Gliding Horse – Zhu-ge Liang

Wooden Ox / Gliding Horse Zhu-ge Liang 230 AD

Chu-Ko Liang's "Wooden Oxen and Gliding Horse" ( notice different spelling to Zhu-ge Liang )

See book "Reconstruction designs of lost ancient Chinese machinery" By Hong-Sen Yan (search google books)

Models: see

Wang-Chien Type Wooden Oxen and Gliding Horse (below)

Lin-Kuanli Type Wooden Oxen and Gliding Horse (below)

It is said that Zu Chong-zhi (AD 429-500) built a reproduction of this machine, but it too was lost.

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One Response to “230 AD – Wooden Ox / Gliding Horse – Zhu-ge Liang”

  1. Richard Haywood Says:

    The book "Three Kingdoms", talks of a wheel being at the center of four legs. This seems a simple device that is not prone to tipping as is a modern day wheelbarrow. Imagine a modern day wheel barrow as having two rear legs and a wheel in front. The horse/bull would have two additional legs ahead of the wheel thus going up hill one can stop and let it rest on the rear legs, and going down hill they can rest it on the front legs. The book calls out for porters so contrary to some claims it is not self propelled. Since I have used a wheelbarrow a lot I am always mad when it tips over, particularly if it has sand, dirt, or God forbid cement in it. If this tips to the right the two right legs keep it from falling over same if it tipped left. It is almost tip proof. The neck and the tail are the handles.Seems pretty self explanatory to me.