2010 – Natwalk 2.0 Walking Skyscraper – Anton Markus Pasing – (German)

From eVolo Competition – 2010 Skyscraper Competition

Special Mention – Natwalk 2.0

Natwalk II or walking tall

” The sky switches on daylight for us – or the shower. We are small gods, mere gods of the machine which is our highest. Our universe is a huge motor, and yet we are dying of boredom. In the midst of fullness, there is an sinsidious dragon gnawing at our hearts.”

Freely quoted fram D.H. Lawrence


Once upon a time, there was a picnic.
I clearly remember every detail of when we first saw one of them.
Nothing was as it had been before. All broadcasting stations were blocked. They beamed strange, seemingly organic, sounds into the ether. Some of them had bells in their huge feet.

When they reached the city, they held out their arms to us and lifted us up. Each one of them carried another world on his shoulders.
Every day their numbers increased, and the chaos in the city intensified.  Soon they covered the dark streets of our city – as if with a green puzzle …

Countless different plants grew on them. Some carried small lakes and others forests on their backs. Others resembled verdant meadows in spring.
Their bellies contained the most diverse biotopes and species from all the world and the air inside them was clear and full of oxygen…
It even seemed – impossible as it may sound – as if they were changing the air in the city with every day.

They showed us things which I no longer believed really existed because I had only seen them on television.
When they came to a standstill somewhere – anywhere – nobody could remove them any more. To this day, nobody knows where they came from, but everybody somehow grasped what they had to say to us.

I remember it as if it was yesterday: our first picnic was unforgettable. The people laughed for joy, and the leaves rustled in the wind.

I asked myself: will they stay or do they only say goodby.

I was just biting into a big apple when the traffic passing underneath me
broke down completely…

Forget Central Park, forget Copenhagen !

The End

[RH cyberneticzoo- Reminds me of the Domes of Valley Forge in the movie Silent Running  melded with Syd Mead's Walking Cargo Vehicle (as used in Star Wars AT-ATs). See also Archigram's Walking City.]

All information and original images from here.

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