2007 – Robot Ostrich – Konstantin Ivanov (Russian)

Robot ostrich (android) inventor Konstantin Ivanov (Sirotina) from Elektrostal a towing machine with two manipulators (legs), equipped with a seat for the driver. Possible applications for the version of the inventor: Attraction (Jurassic Park robots ; races of robotic ostriches; competition live ostrich and the robot, 2) vehicle. The robot weighs 170 kg. and easily rolls an adult, even an imposing physique.

Konstantin Ivanov: “Our robot, the second in the world, demonstrated the full cycle of steps. This is such a step, when the center of gravity of the robot be imposed for the area of the foot and keeps the balance in this position a robot – is one of the toughest challenges in the design of walking robots. Cybernetics Company Honda – it was only by a huge development team, and for many millions dolllarov. We have done our android by several people in a normal city apartment – from scrap materials, in effect “on his knee.” Prototype Robot, by definition, can not demonstrate all merits the attention of technology professionals walking robots, but is intended to prove that a group of associates can solve any design problem.
Robot ostrich was exhibited in 2007 at the Exhibition and Salon of Industrial Property “Archimedes-2007”. И уже тогда был замечен. And even then was seen. But large-scale investment in this promising project by the inventor has not yet been achieved.

Ivanov built this ride-on robot bird as well. It’s included in the above video clip. As my friend David pointed out, the rider is a ‘dummy’. Just goes to show you what you can do with limited space and materials.

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