1988 – “Rikky and Pete” Mechanical Horse – David Parker et al (Australian)

Plot Summary for Rikky and Pete (1988) 
Follow the lives of Rikky, a talanted geologist, and her brother Pete, an off-the-wall mechanical genius. To find peace of mind they travel to the outbacks of Australia and meet up with a desert mining town full of zany individualists.
In the movie, Pete builds a newspaper folding and launching machine accessory for his Mini-Moke car to make his 'paper round' easy to do.  He also exhibits a kinetic art piece at his sister Rikky's art show opening. It elevates and smashes eggs.
Later he heads off with Rikky to a mining town, and eventually they get a plot to mine. They need a rock drill so Pete builds the mechanical horse with multiple rock drilling heads at one end, and a hydraulic back hoe at the other. 
Produced by
Bryce Menzies …. executive producer
David Parker …. producer
Nadia Tass …. producer
Timothy White …. co-producer
Writing credits
David Parker   ….  writer
Cast includes
Stephen Kearney Pete Menzies
Nina Landis Rikky Menzies
Art Department
Aaron Beaucaire …. mechanical props assistant
Steve Mills …. mechanical props assistant

Back in November 2004 I contacted David Parker at his film production company in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He still had the "Mechanical Horse" from his "Rikky and Pete" movie (released in 1988).  In a small garage there were various props from various movies. Here's some pics of the walking machine as it was then.

The air-cooled engine above was a prop. The real motor was electric and is shown below.

Detail of knee joint.

Knee-joint close-up.

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