1965 – Meccano Walking Horse and Chariot – Andreas Konkoly (Hungarian)

Source: Meccano Magazine, March 1965

…Since then, we have featured examples of his skill at fairly regular intervals in the M.M., one model which I personally remember very well being a Walking Horse and Chariot which was described in a 1965 issue. In fact, Mr. Konkoly himself said of this model recently, "Although I later built bigger, or more attractive, or perhaps better models, I nevertheless consider this model the chief work of my Meccano activities". It took him two years to perfect, but I [Ed] remember that the result was well worth the effort.

Source: Mecanno Magazine, June 1972

Image by Charlie Pack.

Model by S. Tokarski.

Model by Chris Shute.

Models by John Hanson, includes the walking Nurse with Pram on the left..

The Horse with mounted Spanish Night.

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