1956 – “CABER” Bipedal Walking Model – Peter Holland (British)

Cyclic Action Bipedal Electric Railway by W. P. Holland
Model Maker January 1956

The problem in view this month is that of penetrating dense scrub country – solved by taking big steps: indeed, when this machine throws its track nonchalantly over its left shoulder it fairly stamps its way through the offending greenery. You will see from the cycle of operation the general principle; the car runs the length of the rail, and, running past the front pylon, upsets the balance of the track unit, causing it to swing up and over, the rear end now becoming the front: and landing on the pylon again ready for the car to proceed once more.
If you want to emulate the Scots and try tossing the "Caber".

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Thanks to David Buckley in providing the material and idea for this post.

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For a similar concept, see Prof. Katsyu's Walking-beam model.


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