1944 – Betelgeuse Walking Cities – Frank R. Paul (American)

Amazing Stories, September 1944

Title: Stories of the Stars: Betelgeuse, in Orion
Author: Morris J. Steele
Year: 1944
Variant Title of: Stories of the Stars: Betelgeuse in Orion (by uncredited )

The back covers of 'Amazing Stories' featured fanciful illustrations of life on far-off worlds.

"This weird scene on a planet of the giant sun, Betelgeuse, in Orion, is based on scientific theory."

A Frank R. Paul cover.  

These giant walking habitats would cover great distances with their immense strides. The bird-like reverse bending of the knee and clawed feet offering spread of load and suspension is also interesting, as is the folding of the legs when resting on the ground.

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