1938 – Mechanical Elephant – George and Gordon Hutton (American)

Source: Popular Mechanics Feb 1938.

G.G. Hutton sells his partnership to George Washington Shrum.  Most images of "Jumbo" post the 1939-40 N.Y. World's Fair are shown as "Rosie" and owned by Shrum.

Most of the photos below are sourced from Life magazine. Life have over 70 images, I've just selected  a few.

Lucky for the little boy that this is only a 'mechanical' elephant, stationary whist it undergoes a tyre change.

Source: Miami News Aug 29, 1938. 

Source: The Billboard Jan 31, 1942.

Source: The Billboard Jun 21, 1952.


Source: The Billboard  Feb 7, 1953.

Source: The Billboard Aug 27, 1953.

It is quite possible this elephant was built earlier than 1938, but I haven't found any earlier sources as yet.

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