1935c – Automatic-Walking Elephant (Japanese)

This image shows a walking mechanical elephant from Japan. It is 12V electric-powered, 1/4 HP motor. The image is sourced from here. According to the website the images are from a catalog of "Nihon goraku-ki seisakusho (Japan amusement machine manufacturing)" around 1935.

More info: The elephant's name is "Jidou-hokou zou (automatic-walking elephant)". 12v battery powered and 1/4 h.p. Moving trunk. The description says it is capable of carrying 6 passengers or drawing a cart with 15 people.

Source: http://www.ampress.co.jp/archive.htm According to the website "Nihon goraku-ki seisakusho (Japan amusement machine manufacturing)" was established by Kaichi Endo (1899-2001), the great pioneer of amusement machines. The company has installed and managed the amusement machines for the amusement center in a department store in Tokyo, which opened in 1931.

Thank you, Hisashi Moriyama for finding this entry for me.

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2 Responses to “1935c – Automatic-Walking Elephant (Japanese)”

  1. Rahul Borge Says:

    Hi, I am very much interested in real size walking elephant ride. Will you please give me details of the manufacturer.


  2. cyberne1 Says:

    Hi Rahul, No, I’m not aware of anyone making real size elephant rides these days.
    Regards, Reuben.