1923 – Walking Car – James William Bryan (American)

Indianapolis Star 12 Feb

WASHINGTON. Feb. 11.- Invention of an automobile equipped with four legs instead of wheels is claimed by James William Bryan, a Washington man. who says he has forty patents, some of them basic, for such a machine. He has designed a five-passenger clutchless, gearless, springiest car of half the weight of wheeled models, which, he says, expert engineers have declared feasible. Tests are now being made to determine possible weaknesses and errors of construction.
Declaring that he, and not a German inventor who recently announced production of a "walking" model, is the pioneer in the automobile-with-legs field, Bryan says his machine is operated by two engines developing forty-horse power and theoretically capable of making a speed of eightyone miles an hour. The legs have practically the same action as those of human beings. Bryan claims, and can negotiate, a perpendicular rise or drop of one foot without moving the automobile from a horizontal plane.

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