1930 – Schreitender Motorwagen / Streitwagen (Walking car) – von Bechtolsheim (Germany)

The Schreitender Motorwagen  / Streitwagen (Walking car) invented by Therese Freifrau von Bechtolsheim geb. Grafin Fugger-Kirchberg, Dr.Georg Freiherr von Bechtolsheim, Max Freiherr von Bechtolsheim and Berthamarie Freifrau von Nothafft geb. Freiin Von Bechtolsheim,  (not Baron von Bechtolsheim aka Clemens von Bechtolsheim) in 1930 (and not 1913 as reported elsewhere). There is very little information to be found on this walking machine other than in the patent.

Patent information:

Patent Number: DE554354.

Filed 17 April 1930
Granted 16 June 1932

Above: Note the incorrect date of 1913 and incorrect attribution to Clemens von Bechtolsheim of this previously published illustration.


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