1904 – Apparatus for Facilitating Walking or Running – Skorzewski (West Prussian)

(1904 claims)

Skorzewski's Apparatus for Facilitating Walking or Running avoids one of the main causes of muscular fatigue, namely the necessity of a man's lifting his centre of gravity a certain height at every step. During the period of descent there is no compensation for the energy expended. The muscles have to remain strained in consequence of the necessity of supporting the weight of the body during this movement.
This invention has for its object an arrangement which allows very high speeds to be attained by the ordinary motions of walking and running. It is adapted to store up, and systematically to give up at the required moment, the energy resulting in the alteration in height of the centre of gravity of the body.
The user sits on a saddle, connected to handlebars and two extensions to strap to the legs, and made to conform to their shape. soles are provided. The joints of the frame are preferably made of armoured rubber, and the whole is filled with compressed air through a suitable cock or valve.

Pat. # 14477 – 1904
Comte Vladimir Skorzewski Count
Czerinejewo, Bromberg, West Prussia.


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