1894 – Walking Machine – Gross – (American)

I’m afraid I don’t have too much info on this one, but here it is anyway…..

New Castle News 01 Aug 1894 p7

Result of a Vision.

An old gentleman named Gross of Beaver, who travels over the country sharpening saws was in town Tuesday and told of a wonderful invention he has perfected. It is a walking machine and the model has been forwarded to Washington.
The machine is built with a platform underneath which are light legs with joints. The old gentleman was worried as to how he would get the shaft to work in the jointed legs but one night he lay down in peaceful slumber and he dreamed a dream and in the morning he arose early and went to work and perfected the invention it having been made clear to him how to do it in his wonderful dream. Although the old gentleman talks "through his hat" as it were, he certainly has a wonderful model. The model was built to hold about 50 pounds and will run very fast. It is propelled by the use of the feet and will carry several people at once. Mr. Gross said that he had only built one full sized machine and that was at his home in Beaver. While he was away from home the students from the college at that place took it out of his shop and in riding it around it was broken beyond repair and he has not had time to build a new one. When he was building this one he would come to town and go down to Wettich’s barn where he would hammer until he had the piece ready and would then take the piece to his home. He did this he says in order that no one would get on to his invention. The walking machine, as he calls it, is built of steel and wood and any one can run it with-out practice. Mr. Gross is a funny person. When not under the influence of liquor he can talk on any subject and can talk intelligently. He can tell you where any river or town is located, no matter if it is not very large or well known. He has traveled all over the country and makes his living by sharpening saws.

[refered to as ‘walking machine’ – possibly Chebyshev type mechanism]

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