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1944 – Multi-Ped Walking Tractor – Edward Snell (American)

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Patent number: 2430537
Filing date: Dec 8, 1944
Issue date: Nov 1947

See patent here.

1949 Multi-Ped Walking Tractor
Manufacture: Multi-Ped Traction Limited, Edmonton, Alberta
Engine: Case Model R tractor, 4 cylinder Wasukesha

Edward ( Ward ) Snell of Wetaskiwin, Edmonton wanted to design a machine that could travel over muskeg and rough terrain. Wheeled vehicles often got bogged down under these conditions, so Snell made his tractor walk rather than roll. The legs move independently, making the tractor walk. Along with Aimee Dragon, who owned a repair shop in Wetaskiwin, Snell built this prototype between 1947 and 1949.
Snell spent ten years refining the multiped concept. In spite of his enthusiasm and efforts to sell shares, only the prototype was ever built. It is now part of the Reynolds- Alberta Museum at Wetaskiwin

Photos from Flickr taken at Reynolds-Alberta Museum .

Ward's Multiped
Written by Vera Saar

See a problem, try to solve it.
Innovation and perspiration.
Try this, try that, find a solution,
Now that's the spirit of tomorrow.

Once a man named Edward Snell,
Who in Crystal Springs did dwell.
A successful entrepreneur was he
Lumbering a part of his family tree.
An innovation here, an innovation there.
Edward had contraptions everywhere.
Edwad Snell was the inventor as well
Of the multi-ped, about which we'll tell.
Where Snell lived the bog was a factor,
What if I put legs on a tractor?

Well Mr. Dragon was called by Snell the contractor
To come and work on the multi-ped tractor
They tried and failed and tried and failed
Many tries later a design was hailed
A thing of beauty with all those feet
Ready for the bog and the public to meet.

A walking tractor, a wonder to behold.
Now had corporate shares to be sold.
Snell took his tractor from town to town,
Saying, "Hey folks, come on down".
With legs like these it will go through bogs,
Makes it easier to get those logs.

"Turn it, turn it, the town folk shouted".
Two miles later the crowd applauded.
Alas, no-one came to buy those stocks,
And poor Ward's company went on the rocks.

Larry Olsen: Vocals/Bass
Gary Beatty: Backing Vocals /Guitar/Banjo
Jon Frolic: Drums