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1910 – Tin Man – Winter Bros. (American)

A hardware dealer in Clintonville, Wis., recently built a giant tin man of materials on sale in his store, hired a man to walk the streets inside of it, and as a result drew much attention to his wares.
The giant of tin was 8 ft. 4 in. in height ; its head was a 12-in. ball, made of 19 pieces of galvanized iron, with a nutmeg grater for a nose, and tin scoops as ears. The teeth and tongue were plaster of paris, the
eyes of artificial glass. and the hat of Russian iron. A 6-in. tee joint with elbows formed the shoulders, the arms were made of taper joints, and the body was composed of two pieces of galvanized iron, with buttons made of tins taken irom teakettle knobs and soldered into rivet heads. The collar was bright tin. the necktie copper, and the vest a piece of galvanized screen covered with cheesecloth. The head of the man inside rested against a thick pad riveted onto the tee joint, and he looked his way through the screen used for the vest. The shirt was a hopper of common stove-pipe iron, the legs were formed of roofing tin shaped as a grain spout, and the foot covering consisted of old shoes covered with aluminum bronze and iron buckles.

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