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1920 – Electro-mechanical “protozoon” – Fritz Lux (German)

Lux' protozoon *

This device is a model of a unicellular animal: it consists of a short rubber cylinder with two slots (Fig. 98). According to the ideas of its inventor, it is anchored in a brook, half submerged in the water. The water in the "protozoon" is considered as the "food" it is in the process of digesting. If there is too much water in it (it is "overfed"), then the rubber cover distends and the lever, indicated by the broken line on the left, closes the lower contact at a and the small flap restricts the slot called "mouth"; in the case of too little water ("underfeeding") the slot is open wider because of the closing of the upper contact at a. This "protozoon" can even "learn" and "remember" according to a Pavlovian reflex process: if a bigwave dangerously distends the rubber cover, then the contact at b is also closed and the mouth is shut by the contactor actuated by the magnet c (unconditioned reflex), but, as the magnetization of c is preserved for a considerable time, if in the course of this time the photoelectric cell (whose circuit is not shown in full in the figure) perceives a big wave (by the glitter of the water!) it shuts the mouth in advance by means of the contactor d (conditioned reflex).

From Cybernetic Machines by L. Nemes, translated by I. Foldes (1969) (Hungarian original 1962).

* Lux, F.: Gehirn und Seele. (Brain and Soul) 1920.

Illustrations from Gehirn und Steele of which the above adaption developed from:

Photo-electric cell not activated by light as no wave to provide scattered light source.

Photo-electric cell now actived by scattered light from approaching wave.

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2006c – Mechanical Elephant – Small Amusement Ride (Chinese)


Style: Ride On Toy  Type: elephant  Material: Plush  
Place of Origin: Hubei China (Mainland)  Brand Name: Shunyuan  Model Number: SYDX  
colour: green  package: standard exporting packing:cotton clot…  type: battery animal car  
seats: 2seats  rides type: lifelike  animal: elephent  
material: plush  seat: 1  

Specifications Amusement machine –animal rides:
1) patent product
3)Maximum carrying capacity:70kg
When you ride on it, you feel ride a real animal, very funning.
Shun Yuan Bionic Animals series of amusement facilities take tiger, elephant, panda, brown bear, lion and other wild animals as prototypes.  They are complete breakthroughs of average amusement machines’ whole machine slide style, using our company’s practical new patent (Patent No 96208343.7) mechanisms which are with bionic limb’s function.  These bionic animals achieved the goal of harmony walking as true animals. With sporty swing about and authentic bellow, also because of comparably high amusement and artistic value, bionic animals have become ideal amusement facilities for people.
turning radius:2m
Maximum carrying capacity:70kg
Function:lifelike walking style ,remote control,  elephent calls , music, light, and timing

planet x

Diagram showing the walking motion and sterring controls.

The electronics in the rear, including battery re-charging unit.

planetX was the brand name of a Chinese company back in 2006 when I captured these images. The company had been around a while before then.

1932 – “Mechanical El” the Mechanical Elephant – M. Marcel Survivet (French)

One of the first known rideable mechanical elephants, called "Mechanical El" in the video clip, This machine is actually a walking machine, but the Howdah frame is on skids close to the ground. Quite a lot of large walking machines use this stabilising and load-carrying technique.

Invented by  M. Marcel Survivet of Paris, France, and exhibited at Le Jardin d'Acclimatation in Paris circa 1932. Source: Popular Mechanics Nov 1932.


Titles read: "Meet 'Mechanical El.' He's an elephant, synthetic, and a pain in the neck to the usual kind."

Various shots of a mechanical elephant walking across a field in a park; a large cloud of smoke comes out of a kind of exhaust pipe at the rear of the machine. A little boy sits on a seat on the elephant's back, and a man sits on top, 'driving' the contraption. A real elephant comes over to have a look; he seems a bit freaked out by it!

1987-90 Mechanical Animals – Adrian Wareham (British)

Source: Weekly World News 6 Feb1990.

Adrian Wareham built a mechanical spider for the following year, but I have no images of that machine.

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