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1966-7 – DOWB Submersible – General Motors (American)


DEEP OCEAN WORK BOAT (DOWB), a two man submersible built by General Motors in the United States by General Motors AC Electronics Division, was initially launched on October l2, 1967.

Windowless, it has top and bottom "fish eye" lenses, plus television cameras, for full 360 degree vision.

A TV viewing system is mounted on the manipulator to give operators freedom of action necessary for performing useful work. The TV viewing feature will allow precision control when performing delicate operations or lifting objects.


 Source: Boy's Life, April 1968.


Image source: Manned Submersibles, Frank Bushby, 1976.


DOWB manipulator: One electro-mechanical manipulator possessing six degrees of freedom can pick up a 50 lb load at its maximum reach of 49 in. Manufactured by General Motors.

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1964 – Aquacopter – General Motors (American)


AN AQUACOPTER, a two-man undersea personnel carrier fitted with claw-handed arms and capable of operating on the ocean floor, is one of the futuristic vehicles featured in the undersea set of the General Motors Futurama ride at the New York World's Fair. In an aquacopter geologists, according to GM designers, would be able to explore the bottom of the sea for minerals, chemicals, petroleum and other natural resources not attainable with the undersea craft available today. The "fans" at the top and bottom of the aquacopter are for vertical ascent and descent and the duct in the rear houses the power for forward motion.

(Fast forward about 3 minutes to see the Aquacopter.)


Janice Zupan of Detroit saying hello to an octopus.


1964 – Aquacopter by General Motors.


Image: Popular Mechanics, April 1964.


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