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1959 – Cybernetic Mice play Hockey – Mullard (British)

An early example of multiple robotic creatures operating together. Other than light and touch sensors, there's no other apparent interaction with them. Possibly an early but simple example of swarm robotics and collaborative robots.

English translation of article text:

To emphasize wont in machine control, a British firm [Mullard] of electronic devices has created these mechanical mice playing hockey on the ice. Each mouse is equipped with a photoelectric cell. Circuits and polarized magnetic lines of force, located under the floor, move the mice to the hatch into which they let the ball.

Source: La Tecnica Illustrata, March 1959.

Per dare risalto ai suol controlli per macchine, una ditta britannica di apparecchi elettronici ha realizzato questi topolini meccanici che giocano a hockey sul ghiaccio. Ciascun topolino e munito di una cellula fotoelettrica. Circuiti polarizzati e linee magnetiche di forza, situate sotto il piano, fanno muovere i topolini verso la porta nella quale devono far entrare la palla.

The Mullard logo.

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1955 – Electronic Mouse Maze Solver – Harry Rudloe (American)

The original article appeared in Scientific American, The Amateur Scientist,  An Electronic Mouse That Learns From Experience by Harry Rudloe, 1955 Mar, pg 116 .

This copy from C. L. Stong.  The Amateur Scientist.  Ill. by Roger Hayward.  S&S, 1960.  The Electronic Mouse That Learns From Experience, pp. 394-398.  Harry Rudloe describes a relay circuit for solving a simple maze being his variation of Claude Shannon's celebrated robot. See pdf here.