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1926 – Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace) – Fritz Kahn (German-Jew)

Fritz Kahn (1888–1968) was a German-Jewish gynaecologist and science author who developed a sophisticated graphic analogy between anatomy and machinery. His work was widely distributed in Germany until it was banned under the Nazi regime. He continued to publish, relocating to Palestine and Paris before escaping to the USA with the help of Albert Einstein. In a later work from 1943, he describes the relationship between man and machine: “[they] exhibit far-reaching similarities. Both derive their energy from the combustion of carbon, which they obtain from plants. Man, the weaker machine, utilizes fresh plants for fuel, while the locomotive, a stronger machine, uses fossilized plants in the form of coal.”

Der Mensch als Industriepalast (Man as Industrial Palace). Stuttgart, 1926. Chromolithograph. National Library of Medicine.

Kahn’s modernist visualization of the digestive and respiratory system as "industrial palace," really a chemical plant, was conceived in a period when the German chemical industry was the world’s most advanced.

Early info-graphics of the mind drawing influences from the scientific and artistic movements of the time

Cover of David Fishlock's book, Man Modified.

Fritz Kahn (1888-1968).
There is a new book by Taschen on Kahn, based on an earlier exhibition in 2010. See The Times of Israel article here.

See the timeline on Cyborgs and Bionics here.


1960 – Cyborg – Kline and Clynes (American and Austrian)

Painting by FRED FREEMAN, originally appearing in the July 11, 1960 issue of LIFE Magazine.

The creature unreeling an electric cable as he explores a distant planet is a man prepared for  space as some scientists propose. Electrodes and other attachments would control many of the physical functions normally initiated by the brain, such as heart-beat, regulation of body temperature, and breathing. Electrodes planted in the pleasure centers of the brain would help him to pass the tedium of space travel. Dubbed a "Cyborg" (cybernetic organism), he may well exist in the near future for U.S. space agencies have authorised serious research towards his creation. (Time-Mind book)

Extract of interview between Chris Hables Gray and Manfred Clynes
The Cyborg Handbook 1995 – p47

MC: …. Life magazine wrote it up a little later. They had a big article with a picture of the cyborg. Did you know that?

CHG: No. I'll have to find that.
MC: I had a big photograph of that thing hanging on my wall for years.
CHG: Was that 1960?
MC: It must have been very near there.

[Source: Ames Daily Tribune 16 Jul 1963.]

Another Artist's impression of a CYBORG related to Toby Freedman's articles c1960's. [Source: Popular Science Oct 1963 see below for pdf.]

Cover of The Cyborg Handbook. The must-have book for anyone interested in the history of Cyborgs. 

Martin Caidin's book Cyborg. The TV series "The Six-Million Dollar Man" was based on this book.

Click on images to see pdf's about Cyborgs.

Life Magazine 2nd Oct 1964

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Where are the Cyborgs in Cybernetics – Kline

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Cyborgs and Space – Astronautics Sept 1960

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The Cyborg Study – Driscoll – NASA

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The Coming of the Mundane Cyborg – Steven Mentor 

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Must Tomorrow's Man Look Like This? – Toby Freedman,  Popular Science Oct 1963

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