1983 – COSMO1 – Dainichi Kiko (Japanese)

Machinery Service Robot:
An Unmanned Conveyor Dainichi Kiko
This waiter robot, priced at Y5 million, is one of a number of "amusement" robots that Dainichi has developed for use in restaurants and wedding halls. Performing eight basic operations, including the ability to speak sixteen different phrases, the waiter robot is capable of a wide range of functions. It moves between tables and behaves much as a human waiter would, greeting guests, taking orders, and serving food.
The robot moves on a remote-controlled industrial cart. Electricity consumption has been kept low by using CMOS-type ICs in the control unit. One problem with using a robot in a restaurant is that people often walk about and can inhibit the robot's smooth movements. Thus, the waiter robot had to be designed for quick repair and restarting in the event of a malfunction. The electronic circuit boards in the control device are finely subdivided, and it has been programmed to stop automatically when-ever the bumper touches any object.
1983 Award for Excellence

The range of this robot's vertical arm movement is 75°: of the body revolution, 200°; of the head revolution, 180°: and of the head's vertical movement. 100 mm.

COSMO1 is a modern Japanese version of Cosmo (c1958). See here 1958- "COSMOS the Martian"

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