1976-2009 SABOR V “Orbitus” – Peter Steuer / EBM (Swiss)

A period photo of SABOR as "ORBITUS" – Image courtesy Barbara Douvalakis – Peter Steuer's daughter.

SABOR V in the "Die Roboter Kommen!" exhibition in Berlin, 2007.

Sabor's remaining spares held in the EBM Museum, Switzerland.

SABOR V with his "Orbitus" head gear taken   off.

In 1964, Sabor conformed to the astronaut look and temporarily adopted the name Orbitus.

1976 was the last great performances with SABOR opening an old people's home, a place he could not make a reservation himself. For years SABOR stood in Steuer's garage. It wasn't  until after his death in 1990, SABOR found his way to the EBM Museum in Switzerland.  SABOR V then had a major outing at the Museum of Communications in Berlin at the remarkable exhibition "Die Roboter Kommen!" ("The robots come!") in 2007.

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