1969 – Mr. Taro the Camera Robot – Jiro Aizawa (Japanese)

Mr. Taro the Camera Robot by Jiro Aizawa. Built in 1969 for Expo'70 held in Osaka. He was located in the Fujipan Pavillion, in partnership with another robot.  The above image was from a more recent exhibition catalogue held in Japan, 2010, and shows a more modern digital camera. The Nixie tubes around his waist are no longer functioning.

Mr. Taro (left) with Jiro Aizawa and his partner robot prior to being painted. [Magazine cover circa 1970]

A Sharjah commemorative postage stamp showing the Fujipan Robot Pavillion at Expo'70 in Osaka. [Sharjah is the 3rd largest emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)].

Mr. Taro inside the Fujipan Robot Pavillion, 1970.

Mr. Taro and companion inside the Fujipan Robot Pavillion, Expo'70. 

One stood next to the companion robot to get one's photograph taken. [Photo from Gernot]

[Source: Gainsville Sun 16 Aug 1981]

Mr. Taro in 1981, sporting 2 flash packs.

Mr. Taro post restoration at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan.


Robot on the left has incorrectly been called Goro in some other recent web posts. At this point in time I do not know that robot's name.

As they appeared in a 2010 exhibition in Japan, 2010. 

See the full Jiro Aizawa story here .

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