1966 – Volzhanin (Волжанин) – (Russian)

Can anyone help with the translation into English?

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  1. Marco Says:

    It will not be the perfect translation but it’s a start:

    It is not difficult to do a small robot. For that you will need to have two electrical broken toys, like tractor and “Chaika” car (-old toys of the soviet union-ndM). The body frame, which is made of paper-mache or foam plastic is mounted on the caterpillars (tractor-motor of the toy). Inside it, a control is installed. Micro-engine from “Chaika” car is connected with gears and thus a number of turns is reduced. Then a distributing coil is manufactured. On a bolted cartoon tube, 5 brass rings are put on – 2 rings in a complete turn (360°), 2 in half turn (180°) and 1 in 1/4 turn (90°). The tube is easily inserted into two stands. On a side contact plates are attached, and connected with batteries of a pocket torch. Micro-engine is rotating the tube with the rings, which close and open the circuit, switching on and off the robot.

    Arrangement of Robot

    You will need to have 3 batteries: one for twinkle eyes, second for the rotation of the distributing tube, and the third one for the movement of caterpillars.

    Robot-toy was built by pupils of grade 5-6 in Kuibishev city in school N 141.


  2. cyberne1 Says:

    Thank you, Marco, for providing a translation. Much appreciated. Reuben Hoggett