1959 – Nico, St. Nikolaus and SamiKlause – Peter Steuer (Swiss)

SABOR with younger "brother" Nico (left) in Chicago.

A video clip of SABOR's younger brother and sister can be found on the Archivio Storico Istituto Luce site  here.  The site is in Italian. Check box "archivio cinematografico" and search on "Notizie brevi da Gossau".

Girl reading brochure on SABOR as handed out by Nico (Gossau, St Gallen, Switzerland – 1959).

Nico pulls out a brochure advertising SABOR.

"Samiklaus", another SABOR sibling, with hula-hoop.

Images of Nico as he is today living with Peter Steuer's daughter, Barbara Douvalakis. Thanks Barbara for the images and scans.

The SABINA Marketing Brochure for Nico and St. Nikolaus. SABINA was the name of Peter Steuer's business for his robots.

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