1959 – Mr. Ichiro the Robot – Jiro Aizawa (Japanese)

The first of the 10 brothers by Jiro Aizawa. Aizawa uses the word 'born' to denote when the 'brothers' came into existance. Mr. Ichiro [Ichiro-Kun] was reportedly born in 1959.

Mr. Ichiro in the background. Possibly Mr. Fugio [or Mr. Saburo] in the front.

Mr. Ichiro on the left, followed by Mr Spark, Mr. Fugio, then Mr. Shinsuk.  Mr. Ichiro has had a minor upgrade in that round volt and ampere meters have been added, along with a child's riding platform on each leg and a hand-rail on the sides of his waist. 

One article mentions that Ichiro was trailered to the Ueno Zoo for a while. This image could have be taken at the Ueno Zoo.

Mr. Ichiro (far right).

Until recently I thought that the images below were of another, similar robot, but I now believe them to be of Mr. Ichiro but with a major makeover, including new arms and hands, chest adornments and colour scheme.



Mr. Ichiro on the right with some of his younger brothers.

As shown post-restoration at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan.

From a 2010 Japanese catalogue.

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Mr. Ichuro, not Mr. Saburo!.

See the full Jiro Aizawa story here .

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