1948 – Robin the Robot – Patrick Rizzo (American)

Above image from Jim Linderman's website.

Gettysburg Times 17 June 1949
The servant problem has been solved by a Detroit automobile factory worker, whose butler requires no wages or board.
Robin, the strange creature of Patrick Rizzo, is more than an ashtray-emptying servant. He also entertains with card tricks and dances a jig. Five feet tall and weighing 95 pounds, Robin has never eaten an ounce of food: he is a robot—a completely mechanical man.
Operated by remote control, Robin the Robot costs $4,000 and was built by Rizzo at home in eight years of spare time. Robin's form houses 833 wires; and 53 switches. He wears a size 47 suit, 15 1/2 shirt. 8 1/2 shoe, and has a head of human hair which never needs cutting.
The nattily-dressed robot is valued at $100,000 by his maker.
But Rizzo refused to sell or build duplicates. However it is likely that the Robot Man could be mass produced and sold as an expensive toy.

See also the Rizzo brother earlier robot, "Big Looie" here.

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