1936-37 – B2M – (ROM or V2M) – Vadim Matskevich (Russian)

ROM (or V2M) as it appeared in the 1937 Paris Exhibition. Possibly the first Russian Humanoid Robot ever built. [Note: I haven't quite worked out the Russian <-> English translation of this Robots names as yet.]

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Vadim Viktorovich Matskevich turned 82 years old [in 2002] .  As well as writing many children's books on technology, Matskevich build several other robots which will appear later in this blog.

Вадим Викторович Мацкевич  – Vadim Viktorovich Matskevich – Ph.D. In 1936 the first Russian robot which, in 1937, was shown at the Paris exhibition.

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