1930 – SABOR II – August Huber (Swiss)

From “Automata”, Chapuis and Droz. Translated by Alec Reid 1958.

“Sabor II,” a Swiss giant, the brain-child of Auguste Huber, who brought it into the world in Appenzell, Switzerland.

Prior to Sabor IV, Huber had previously built three other automata, one of which he began when he was only 12 years old.  This was made of wood, but even in its primitive form it contained a radio transmitter and receiver.

SABOR II, which was completed in 1930, was much more highly developed. It could sit down, beat a tambour and a big drum, and was controlled by a photo-electric cell. It was sold in Germany and Huber does not know what happened to it.  The construction of SABOR III was faulty, and so it was demolished. Finally, at the beginning of 1938, SABOR IV appeared.
Automata are Huber’s hobby. He is a textile manufacturer by trade, but from time to time he feels himself compelled to yield to the irresistible fascination of mechanics. "

Another report suggests that the first three Sabors were all destroyed.

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