1928 – Rupert I & II – (English)

Rupert I – 1928

Rupert was built as a mechanical representation of major organs of a human.  The Popular Science [Apr 1929] article suggests it was built by British schoolboys. 


Rupert II – 1929 (re-modelled innards)

from Popular Science Apr 1929 p58

Boys Build "Human Engine"
in Study of Anatomy

USING two furnaces for the stomach. twin bellows for the lungs, a little pumping engine for the heart, and other mechanical devices for various organs of the body. British schoolboys, studying anatomy, constructed a mechanical man to illustrate the functions of these organs by machinery. Their "human engine simplifies the processes of the human body by giving a working demonstration of each organ.
When the furnaces generate steam, the pumping engine drives up and down the pistons which operate the bellows of the lungs. Then the mechanical man wheezes and throbs as though panting. A head, arms, and legs are fitted to the case inclosing[sic] the mechanical organs to add realism.


There is a video clip of Rupert I found here (see above).

This is the blurb for it:

772.30 | TAKE THE 'IM' OUT OF IMPOSSIBLE (1:47:44:00 – 1:50:21:00) 03/01/1929

M/S of a metal robot, it lifts its hand and a man shakes it. He lifts the front of the head up to show the lights of the eyes underneath. He then opens its front which shows a pump going up and down. M/S of children looking at an aeroplane engine. M/S of a man sawing wood held in a vice. M/S of boys looking at pistons. Various shots of the exhibition.

(from Illustrated London News)

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