1952 – Mr. Rivets the Robot – Joe Earley (American)

Source: http://www.broadcastpioneers.com/rivets-golf.html  – also contains video clip.

Alan Scott & Mr. Rivets
"Let Scott Do It"
WPTZ, Channel 3

There was a mechanical man on WPTZ, Channel 3 from 1952 to 1956. His name was Mr. Rivets and he was portrayed by Broadcast Pioneers member Joe Earley. The program was called "Let Skinner Do It" and hosted by Philadelphia personality George Skinner. When Alan Scott took over, the show became "Let Scott Do It." Earley continued playing the part of Mr. Rivets, who had the personality of a 5 year old.

No known audio of those programs exist. Joe Earley told us that everything was live in those days. When either Scott (or Skinner) or Earley went on vacation, they shot black and white film clips so that it would seem like they both were there. In 1982 during the KYW-TV broadcast, "50 Years of Your Life," the station ran a silent 1954 clip of one of those times when someone was going on vacation. It is the only known clip of any of the Mr. Rivets shows in existence.

Jonathan Scott, Alan's son e-mailed:

I can't imagine how you salvaged such quality from such an old piece of film. The quality is superb. It was shot, by the way, at our old home in Bryn Mawr in the front yard. It's a good thing Mr. Rivets didn't hook that shot. It might have broken a window.

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  1. Rich Says:

    I was a kid at the time, but I remember the original name of the show was “Let George Do It.
    ,” but there was already a show somewhere that was using that title, so it was changed to “Let Skinner Do It.” I also think I remember a contest to name the robot, and the whole name of the winning entry was “Ferris T, Rivets.”