1925c – “Rose-Marie” the Robot with Will Mackford – (Belgian)

"Rose-Marie" the Robot with Will Mackford.

The notes on the photographs are bilingual Flemish/French. [Thanks Serge De Man for the language origin.]

Photo source here:

Although William Mackford is an English name, the annotated images suggest the act to be Belgian-based. [Thanks Serge De Man for the language origin.]

Any further information on "Rose-Marie" and/or Will. Mackford most welcomed.

Robot "Rose-Mary", the marvellous human machine.

A later version of "Rose-Marie", or a copy-cat act? Similar photo but different face, hairstyle, and "Rose-May" has the control panel and control cables in her back whereas "Rose-Marie" doesn't.

Any further information on "Rose-Mary" most welcomed.

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