1910 – Moto Phoso – Man or Automaton? – (German)

Above image Source: circusmuseum.nl

Popular Electricity and the World's Advance – Volume 4 – Page 226 by Henry Walter Young – 1911 .

This entrancing point was recently reached at Hamburg, where a vaudeville theater billed as its special attraction : "Moto Phoso-Man or Automaton ?" When the curtain rose for this turn it disclosed a figure standing on a low platform within a  …

An article in Es geschah in München by Karl Spengler , 1971 Page 214 suggests that although the poster is German, Moto Phoso is an Englishman.

Any further information on "Moto-Phoso" most welcomed.

There was a spate of living automatons appearing over a similar period of time having similar names -see Moto Phroso, Shrozo and Moto Pheno.

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