1932 – Mr. Robot – William Hutter (American)

The Canberra Times < Saturday 23 July 1932  p5
Robot, the super orator and salesman, who never stutters or forgets, and whose tongue never makes a disastrous slip, is the new mechanical talking man invented by Mr. William Hutter, chief engineer of the wireless company of Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. He was exhibited recently at the Radio Manufacturers' Association's convention in Chicago. There is no escaping Mr. Robot's "sales talks." The moment a visitor enters the exhibition room and passed a sensitive protographic cell, the talking apparatus concealed within the mechanical man is brought to life. With untiring vigour the robot not only gives a "sales talk," but he demonstrates each talking point. "And," Mr. Hutter says, "Mr. Robot can deliver university lectures and political speeches without extra effort.

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