1930 – Giant Mechanical Worker – Franz Hübl (Czechoslovakia)

The devices perform alternating and quite different mechanical works which are controlled by a person. The object of the present construction is to amplify the force of a man and perform different kinds of mechanical works which otherwise have to be performed by hand. The principal kind of works to be performed are digging, pile-driving, dredging, loading of freight, road- and railway  construction, cutting of trees, clearance of land, clearance of land, sawing, carrying of goods, lifting, and in fact, any kind of heavy work.  A novel concept is that of a kneeling man to keep it simple for the human operator.

There's no known evidence of it actually being built.

The description sounds similar to that of the later GE Pedipulator.

See Hübl's patent information here.

Patent number: 1880138
Filing date: Mar 13, 1930
Issue date: Sep 27, 1932


The modern day equivalent is probably Robosaurus.

See patent information here.

Patent number: 5052680
Filing date: Feb 7, 1990
Issue date: Oct 1, 1991

See all the known Teleoperators, Exoskeletons, Man-Amplifiers and Industrial Robots here.


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2 Responses to “1930 – Giant Mechanical Worker – Franz Hübl (Czechoslovakia)”

  1. Chris R. Sandberg-Hübl Says:

    Franz Hübl was my mothers grandfather. Had no idea he had designed something like this. Where did you found it? I have some calculators and bluprints for stuff that he did if you’r intrested in pics :).

  2. cyberne1 Says:

    Hello. I googled my fathers name and came across his father ,on your site http://cyberneticzoo.com/man-amplifiers/1930-giant-mechanical-worker-franz-hubl-czechoslovakia/ Franz Hübl! This is so exciting! I don’t know anything about robots …but it’s so nice being able to see information like this! I didnt know-there’s a lot of things I don’t know about my relatives (-my father Oskar-born in czechoslovakia 1934, passed 2008 and never told much) Franz and both his sons Alix and Oskar worked side by side with their father inventing machines in Gothenburg from 1955. They all made memberable useful things for mankind…it’s so good to know. Thank you and God bless! Karin Hübl in Sweden