1978 – “Chiritori” Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner by Nintendo – Gunpei Yokoi (Japanese)

US Patent Information: Publication number US4306329 A

Publication date Dec 22, 1981
Filing date Oct 5, 1979 
Inventors Gunpei Yokoi
Original Assignee Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Self-propelled cleaning device with wireless remote-control


A self-propelled cleaning device with wireless remote control includes a body, a driving device on the body for moving the same rotatably about its axis or in a straight line along the underlying ground surface, and a vacuum cleaning device carried on the body with its suction port open to the underside thereof. The cleaning device normally rotates on its axis at a stationary or fixed location on the underlying surface for concentrated spot cleaning of the underlying surface. The wireless remote control is effective to change the operative mode of the cleaning device from stationary rotation to straight-line travel.

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