1980-1 – “SUPERKIM Meets ET-2” – D. F. McAllister (American)

Extract from 1980's article:

The articles present experiences in interfacing and programming a SUPERKIM single board computer for the control of a Lour Control ET-2 robot shell. The ET-2 (Experimental Transmobile with 2 drive motors) consist of a three level frame powered by two separately driven wheels and balanced by a free caster.

Part 2 adds the sensors to give it true 'feedback'.

The SUPERKIM controlled ET-2 robot is an excellent, moderately priced system to which the robotics experimenter can easily add more sensors and other equipment.

The contact sensors … can be used to demonstrate obstacle avoidance behaviour in a suitably prepared environment.

see Robotics Age pdf's here  and here .

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2 Responses to “1980-1 – “SUPERKIM Meets ET-2” – D. F. McAllister (American)”

  1. cyberne1 Says:

    Hi Reuben,

    I designed, built and sold the Superkim.




    I have a bunch of parts and bare PC boards left over.

    Paul Lamar

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  2. Playaspec Says:

    SO AWESOME!! In a momentary brain fart I thought about building this kit when I was a kid, so I Google’d it and landed here. I petitioned my parents unsuccessfully every day for six months, then the science fair rolled around! It took some time for it to arrive. I suspect the ‘company’ was a guy working out of his garage. I had it up and running in under a week. For the science fair I controlled it with an Apple 2 using the ‘annunciator’ pins in the joystick port. Needless to say the motors and relays created enough EMI to drive the computer insane, necessitating a regular reboot. I got a B-. To this day I don’t think my teachers believed I built it myself. Thanks for scanning and posting those pages!!